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      General Office Access Floors:

TecCrete panels can be either bare, ready to be stained, just sealed or covered with carpet tiles. Which ever way is excellent for general office raised access floors. The height of the raised access floor can be anywhere from 3 to 68 and in any one of the strengths from 1,250 lbs. to 2,500 lbs. Point load ratings there by giving superior durability and great walk ability (solid underfoot).

TecCrete panels can be easily cut and the corner lock system-screw is guaranteed to not crack the corner! Best of all, it has a 3 year warranty and is manufactured by a plant that is both ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001 certified. All parts are stamped with the country or origin U.S.A. Under floor air access floors have an air leakage tested at less than 0.04 cfm per lineal foot. If plenum dividers are needed under the floor, our TecCrete flat panel bottom is perfect for dividers to be placed anywhere. One very important fact that sets it apart from other access floors is that the entire panel thickness engages and is supported by the pedestal head.

Finally, TecCrete is manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Haworth, a 60-year-old American Company!

Access Floors for Computer & Server Rooms - Cleveland, OH.
J.C. Sharp CorporationSound Transmission Control & Operable Walls